Carolyn Vo is a Technical Lead within Oliver Wyman Labs. Based in Austin, Carolyn combines her technical, leadership, and project management experience working in different business domains such as healthcare, accounting, and retail.

Carolyn has over 15 years of working in a variety of languages, tools, and methodologies. She began her career as an intern for Silicon Graphics developing applications written in Java used to control demo videos on kiosks. Since then she’s expanded her skillset by working with frameworks such as .NET, front-end technologies such as HTML, jQuery CSS, and Knockout.js, database technologies such as SQL Server and Oracle, patterns such as MVC and MVVM, and methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. Carolyn enjoys working as a full-stack developer, because she finds it satisfying being able to understand how something works from front to back and addressing the technical challenges that can occur throughout the lifecycle.

One example of Carolyn’s work is on a client project where she participated in the following: feature implementation, feedback and insight into designs and user experience, quality assurance, process improvements, and documentation. The technology stack includes modern technologies such as Bootstrap, SQL Server, Knockout.js, jQuery, Mercurial, C#, Sass, and Globalize.js.

When she’s not dabbling in code, Carolyn enjoys going analog doing a variety of things such as skiing, camping, hiking, road trips, food and wine festivals, listening to live jazz, and trying to find the diamonds in the rough in the restaurant business. She also serves as a professional mentor to guide college students who are making the transition from the educational world to the working world by providing them with both resume and career advice. 

Carolyn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Alabama with a minor in mathematics.