George Faigen is a Partner in Oliver Wyman Labs and in the Oliver Wyman North American Retail Practice, focusing on strategic issues of interest to senior management. Other than his first six years after college when he worked in IBM’s research lab tinkering with technology, George has spent his career finding ways to use technology to solve business problems.

George exhibits the classic left-right brain dichotomy: He is both a professional mechanical engineer (left brain) and a classical musician and calligrapher (right brain). And he finds that the mash-up of the two often leads to interesting solutions.  This is how he explains how he came up with idea of using the technology built originally for his second mobile startup—a  military application for low-cost, bomb-sensing probes—to launch his third startup, a pioneering mobile, multi-player gaming platform.

George enjoys finding ways to help his clients be successful building businesses around emerging market opportunities. He has been a consultant for almost 20 years, and while technology has rapidly advanced, the thrill of harnessing it has remained a constant.

At the beginning of this century, George authored a groundbreaking book, Wireless Data for the Enterprise. Today, it serves as a clear reminder of how fast the world of technology changes.

George holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and earned his master’s from University of Kentucky.