Mirek Zlotkowski is a Partner in the Digital Practice and in Oliver Wyman Labs.

Mirek brings more than 25 years of extensive experience in enterprise management combined with advanced analytics, interactive and mobile platforms, providing leading solutions for global companies into how digital can be used as a competitive advantage to drive innovation, growth, operational efficiencies, and customer loyalty. He helps companies deploy cutting-edge technology practices including agile, machine-learning, mobile, wearables, big data, and UX design. His expertise covers pharma, retail, e-commerce, insurance, banking, financial services, technology, direct marketing and media sectors.

Prior to his current role, Mirek worked at IBEX, Omnicom, J.Crew and IBM where he led successful transitions to become high-performing digital enterprises through strategy and innovation, the customer decision journey, process automation, advanced analytics, technology and organization.

Examples of Mirek’s work include rapid digitization of a pharmaceutical client leading up to faster discovery of cancer drug, shortening the FDA approval time and launching the drug in the marketplace. He integrated interaction between patients and care-givers through the platform’s use of predictive/analytical models targeting oncologists and patients. He also led the development of a new, machine learning, cloud-based, mobile application for a global e-commerce client enabling placement of merchandize purchase order through object recognition algorithms to facilitate product matching.

Mirek is a conduit between business and technology and he adds value to organizations by changing status-quo through innovative solutions and the behavioral change required to support it, while creating products, services, environments, and ecosystems that improve the bottom line. Mirek teaches digital transformation and software-development best practices at Columbia University and NYU for MBA continuous education programs.

He lives in New York City area with his wife and two children. He is a history buff, a soccer player/fanatic, a sports motorcycle rider and a travel enthusiast on a mission to find the best "frutti di mare" the world has to offer.

Mirek holds a Masters of Computer Applications (MCA) from York University.